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High-key and Low-key Photography

Both high-key and low-key techniques are used to illuminate a scene / model / object. They tend to serve specific purposes, for example low-key lighting lighting renders a dark and mysterious look to a scene. It can also define shapes, accentuating them. Low-key lighting is also the key to make …

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Better Landscape Photos in 5 Steps

If you type the words “better landscape photography” in Google, there would be more than 8 million results. That’s a whopping number when it comes to landscape photography tips. With all that information you might think that the world knows how to take better landscape images. Unfortunately, the story is …

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10 Informal Photography Rules You Can Break

Rules tend to get a lot of flak, but deep down inside, most of us know that rules are designed to make life better. With photography, it’s no exception. The rules of photography are based on general principles that create great photos. Sometimes though, the composition calls for the rules …

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Storytelling Using Photography

No matter your age or where you come from, I’m sure you find stories become more interesting when there are illustrations. The illustrations somehow make the stories alive and they feed a lot to your imagination. This is why we have storybooks like The Little Prince and Like Water for Chocolate that come with …

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